About us

We opened The Dread Shed in Christchurch, in 2005, working out of a little shed (a single garage) at a residential address on Cranford St. We were looking for a change of lifestyle, and that’s exactly what we got.

We painted up a footpath sign and set our shed up with the basic neccesities for dreading – a chair, a mirror, good music and a couch for friends and spectators. It was all go from there.

Since the shed on Cranford, The Dread Shed has moved to a few different premises in Christchurch. We have been in the Central City, New Brighton & Opawa, but now we are based in Somerfield at a home studio.

The people we meet through doing dreads are such easygoing, down to earth people, that it hardly feels like work having this great business where we get to help people start their journey of having dreadlocks, and learn the many different reasons that having dreads means to so many different people.

So here’s to many more exciting years ahead. We look forward to meeting you.

Chris and Laura
Dread Shed

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